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23 October 1989
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I have an eccentric thoughts dancing in my head 24/7.. if you can't cope, i advise you to keep off... You're ok with it? Let's continue... Music is my passion (no, im no trying to be Spilzman), I love men, I love men, I love men, did i tell you that i love men?, Hot men in uniform will cause severe erotic toughts inside my head, then comes the excessive drooling and major lost of blood. FOr the icing on top of the cake, make that "mann gegen mann" and i'm sure i'll be send to the hospital again and again!UMPPHHFF! I love military stuffs! Obsessed about the Nazi Uniform...it's very HUGO BOSS-ish! HOT!! I think that Nazi Taboo love is so *BEEP*ing HAWTTTTTT!! Owhhhh..,i also love photo-hunting!! SO much fun!! BELIEVE ME!
Sucker for German dudes...hehehe! Love that SS and Wehrmacht haircut!!! I found it very attractive, thank u!! The problem with me, is that i like the idea of "und zig und zag" *welcome to my world!*
Sadism and torture in *you know what i mean* is hot! Officer/POW,Officer/Soldier,Soldier/Soldier...whatever... TURNS ON!
I really really really admire+love+crazy+sucker for WW2 history and the History of the Third Reich!! I am also inspired with the Normandy Invasion...it was beautiful..dont call me crazy, but that's how i feel...
And honestly, i can never watch a single WW2 movie without having, atleast, a 2 seconds dirty thought of that officer bangging that soldier or whoever i find attractive!!! No kidding!!!*HELP ME!! AM I normal??* Same goes with movies of the Roman Empire!!But not as frequent like the WW2 *i usally find dictators as hot..i know..always end up liking the bad guy..why oh why*
Enjoy reading WW2 Fiction books *SIEGGGGGEEEEEEEEE!!!!KORDTS/FREITAG IS LOVEEEEEEEEE!!!*, and any books which interest me. I love Pc Games, can't live without it!!! and also PlayStation*u put the number here*. My first Pc Game was Half-Life... damn, i was so inlove with Barney the Guard...*sob* he saved my life!!!!! He was there when no one else was!!! *the drama..sob* and when i play Medal of Honour, i will try to seduce those german boys in uniform..heheh..i know, it's no sims-control, but it wont hurt to get extremely close next to that guy! So, if u are exactly like me..damn, u are long-lost friend!I love HOUSE M.D!!! I think House should just go and *BEEP* Wilson!!!!!!!!!!!! *c'mon Mr.SHore!!! WHy are you torturing us!!! urghh!!* It was so *BEEP* there!!! WHAT IS *BEEP*ing WRONG WITH YOU!!! *nice censorship, eyh?thanks!heheh!*
I am a major music fan of Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren, David Darling, Normand Corbeil *felt like a stalker for emailing him..but he replied!HEEE!*, Linkin Park, Rammstein, Sarah Brightman, Russian Trance, t.A.T.u, Maksim, Placebo,Josh Groban,il Divo and bla bla bla i think that's all..others i like them moderately.
And sometimes i am obsessed with people...was once with Tony Blair...LOL..kept every news piece that have his face&news, look for new pics of him everyday, i have 1000+ pics of him, read everything there is about him..god,i dunno what was up with me back then..now, no longer obsessed..just..like him..BTW, for now i am major fan of Paul van Dyk *nyeheheh!*, Thomas Kretschmann, Band of Brothers, Winters/Nixon/Speirs scandal!tihihi! ,the House/Wilson scandal..heheh!, Laurence Fox *re-act* "THAT WAS MY ESCAPE!!!". The guy who played Eric Harris for Discovery's Massacre at COlumbine High was *BEEP*ing HOTT!!!
I also love writing stories...fanfic..but they always get stucked half-way..but this time i'll make sure i'll finish them!! I like photography too..i know i suck big time at making icons..but hey, im learning,so shut up. I play Keyboard better than guitar..Flake Lorenz's my guru!LoL! minus the crazy stage acts... I enjoy composing songs...ideas boomed my head when it rains in the evening..hmm..I hate school..i hate school..i will avoid them as much as i can...poor me..i hate add maths...they suck, they make you ill!, hates chemistry too!! very very much!! Physics was better than the rest.. I dont know what to do when i grow up...seriously.. i have ideas of careers that interest me..but yeah...there's so much to think about than just "like" right? Another thing is, i have the cartoon-crazy prob... i still watch spongebob, goofy the movie, rocket power, grim and evil, brandy and mr.whiskers....and laughed my ass off..*dr..is this normal for a 17 year old girl??*
ANyway...i'm so bloody sleepy now..
Overall, i am friendly, i swear ,if you dont take out the gun, i wont pull the trigger...ok peeps?

-- Dick loves Lewis, Lewis loves Dick *omgwtf?!* sounds so wrong!! eek...change!!

And the riddle goes...
+++ Winters love Nixon. Nixon loves Winters. Speirs loves Winters. Winters loves Speirs. But Nixon hates Speirs. Speirs dont care. He said "threesome is fine". So boys, BEWARE! +++ :)

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